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Welcome to the 'Imagedelivery' collection, which is presented here so you can view at your leisure and order large format prints. A feast of stunning images by Andrew Campbell and other 'guest' photographers recording the present day sights in and around the working port of Falmouth, Cornwall. This growing archive is complimented with an Historic collection that grows by the day from purchased and donated images. Print sales provide the revenue for scanning and building new archive records, which, in turn, attracts more visitors to enjoy our heritage. Your purchases support this important (un-sponsored) activity, thank you! At the bottom of this page, there is a link to the classic Francis Frith Collection where you can 'revisit your roots'. We will try to display local interest views by Frith, and respect their continued copyright by guiding viewers to their excellent site.

Andrew grew up on a farm at Gwithian, in walking distance of 'Horsepool' on the 3-mile sandy beach stretching from Hayle to Godrevy Lighthouse, opposite St.Ives, on the north coast of Cornwall. Andrew's photography began as a lad given a Kodak Brownie in Padstow, while on a camping holiday on the edge of the dunes at Rock, accross the Camel Estuary. Years later, in the late '70's while owner of the Pandora Inn, Restronguet, he started to invest in Nikon camera equipment - to enhance the restaurant with images of Truro River Oyster Boats, dredging nearby in the Carrik Roads on the River Fal. A daily sight in winter, he followed their summer racing at regattas from Point & Penpol, Loe Beach, Mylor, St. Mawes, Flushing, Helford, Portscatho and, of course, to Fowey every summer. Interest in local maritime history started with his quest on why the 'Pandora' Inn was so named. It was NOT in connection with the Frigate, H.M.S. Pandora which sank on the Great Barrier reef in 1792, nor the Postal Packet brig H.M.S. Pandora, designed by Symons and which served on Falmouth Packet routes from 1833-1846, ennding working life as a Channel Lightship until being broken up at Mashfords of Plymouth in 1863. It was, almost certainly, so named, in 1848, after the small coasting schooner Pandora, built to replace the 'Ebenezer' which plied weekly between Devoran and Plymouth, carrying 'porter'. The widow of Alexander Luben, ferryman and landlord of the "Passage House" from 1823 -1847 brought her newly married neice in to help and become the licencee. It was she who renamed the inn after the new schooner Pandora which her husband, son of Ebenezer Clyma, commanded. Andrew's study resulted in a database of over 400 packets, 7000 voyages and many (computerised) records of Falmouth's postal packet history. He also started to record news reports of Falmouth and shipping news from 1850 onwards, with the arrival of the railway, in 1863, new hotels offering 'Spa' vacations, local pilot boats, quay punts, boatbuilding and steam vessels built by Cox & Co. in Falmouth docks, all serving tallships visiting the port for orders.

His profession now, as a ship chandler in the heart of the bustling maritime activities in and around Falmouth docks, compliments his endless enthusiasum for local maritime history, and became the foundation of the Collection you see here.

"Falmouth to me, is a never ending source of inspiration. I just love its natural beauty. My aim is to improve accessibility to our heritage via the web".

We hope you enjoy this Collection and we look forward to hearing from you soon, particularly if you have old or interesting images (or information) to add to this fast-growing archive.

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A link is now possible here through to the Francis Frith Collection where you can find 'journeyman' images to recall your roots.

The Francis Frith Collection - UK historic photos & maps

People are by nature nostalgic for things that have happened earlier in their lives. Music is widely recognised as being effective in stirring memories and Frith photographs work in exactly the same way.

A picture of a street in your home town, can trigger memories of childhood that are pleasant to recall. The particular street depicted may not have been particularly important to you but it will still act as a catalyst to memories associated with living in that town.

We call this the ROOTS concept. In practical terms we offer you, the customer, the chance to buy a photograph that reminds you of your roots. Society in the 21st Century is much more mobile and most people have four or five places that have played an important role in their lives.

Through the image link above, you can browse our site and obtain images to bring back those memories.

The Frith Collection.

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